Doctorate of Political Science


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The Political Science undergraduate program is designed to enable its students to grasp the ever-changing world from an international perspective, with its political, social and economic dimensions. The program covers a wide spectrum from macro-level power relations to micro-reflections of power in daily life. Political Science, as two closely related disciplines, is focused on the critical analysis of political and managerial issues. The discipline of Political Science studies the processes by which resources and values are distributed and discussed in a political system. It focuses on concepts such as power, legitimacy, social class and nation on the one hand, and formations such as the state, government, political parties and international organizations on the other.

100% Distance Education

Interactive contents, extensive learning materials

Periodically scheduled live courses (Zoom)

Program Goals

In Political Science, it is very important to equip students with appropriate professional, technical and personal skills to better prepare them for their professional careers. The basic skills we aim to provide to our students throughout their education life are as follows:

To be able to examine the concepts and theories in the fields of Political Science with scientific methods,

Collecting, interpreting and evaluating data obtained from research in the fields of Political Science,

Identifying regional and global issues/problems and developing solutions based on evidence and research,

Being able to critically evaluate the knowledge and skills gained from Political Science,

The ability to distinguish the differences between classical and contemporary theories and evaluate the interaction between them,

To be able to benefit from other disciplines (International Relations, Law, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, etc.) that form the basis of Political Science and to have basic knowledge about these disciplines,

To learn the historical and political events that shape political systems and to be able to understand and interpret current political systems,

To be able to inform the relevant people and institutions in the fields of Political Science, to convey their opinions and solutions to the problems in written and orally by supporting them with qualitative and quantitative data.

To be able to understand and interpret the collective decision-making processes and the reflections of these processes on political and social life,

Being able to stay up-to-date on the latest intellectual debates in the field and liaise with colleagues around the world, using at least one foreign language,

Ability to express oneself clearly, effectively and persuasively in written and spoken languages,

To gain a habit of ethical thinking and attitude in the processes of collecting, interpreting and disseminating research results,

To be able to develop the knowledge and skills acquired during the program with the principle of lifelong learning,

Ability to work in interdisciplinary teams.


Teaching Method

In our university, 100% distance and open education method is applied. All homework, exams, project work, seminar work, graduation theses, master's and doctoral theses are carried out online in our distance and open education system.

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