Master of Clinical Psychology


Package Included

Department Description

As in the rest of the world, a rapid social change, increase in knowledge and accumulation is experienced in Turkey. This change brings along mental problems, individualism, isolation, alienation and communication problems in people.

For all these situations, there is a need for well-equipped personnel who are professionally knowledgeable and skilled, can make independent decisions, can solve problems, produce information, have the ability to conduct research and publish, have developed ethical values and sensitivity, and provide appropriate service to the society. However, there are not enough clinical psychologists in Turkey who have these characteristics. The Clinical Psychology Undergraduate Program is aimed at achieving these goals.

Purpose of the Program

It is aimed that those who complete the Clinical Psychology Undergraduate Program will gain the following characteristics:


  1. Having a scientific way of thinking,
  2. Gaining the ability to plan, implement and publish scientific research,
  3. Evaluating scientific articles, communicating with colleagues on scientific and ethical issues,
  4. Learning and applying the principles of psychotherapeutic interviewing,
  5. To be able to make psychopathological and psychological evaluation,
  6. Learning ethical principles, relations with colleagues,
  7. Learning basic psychotherapy theories and techniques,
  8. Learning and applying holistic approach, teamwork and community based services.