Bachelor of Software Engineering


Package Included

The aim of the Software Engineering Program is to introduce the latest developments in software engineering to the students and to prepare them to be willing to learn for a lifetime. The education given in the program aims at training qualified computer software engineers and aims to provide students with the ability to have sufficient basic theoretical knowledge on computer systems, software and hardware, to apply this to practice and to produce large-scale new designs. The Software Engineering Program trains its students in the best way, by adding the basic principles of technology, theoretically and by adding the experience they have gained in the laboratories.

100% Distance Education

Interactive contents, extensive learning materials

Periodically scheduled live courses (Zoom)


Working areas

Software Engineering graduates have the qualifications sought and generously rewarded by the industry. The knowledge and skills of software engineers are needed in the implementation of comprehensive complex software systems that need to be designed, implemented, tested, deployed and monitored. In today's world, it is obvious that the demand for quality software engineers will increase as many jobs depend on comprehensive software systems. Graduates have the opportunity to work in banks, in the IT departments of large companies, in the public sector and in universities.


Teaching Method

In our university, 100% distance and open education method is applied. All homework, exams, project work, seminar work, graduation theses, master's and doctoral theses are carried out online in our distance and open education system.

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