Master of Gastronomy


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The aim of the Gastronomy department is to raise the aesthetic level of the culinary culture and to protect and develop it. Gastronomy is an ideal department for those who want to improve themselves in cooking and business. Gastronomy department is a priority field for those who are interested in different businesses or food. It is a suitable department for working in famous restaurants or hotels abroad.

Department Description

The aim of the department is to train qualified executive chefs (cooks) for accommodation and food and beverage businesses by providing modern, scientific and quality education in the field of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts.

In addition, it is among the goals to close the shortage of teachers and qualified academicians by educating individuals with strong academic aspects, as well as to produce entrepreneurial graduates who want to open their own business. In line with these purposes, students are equipped with knowledge and skills in two foreign languages, one of which is English, information technologies, tourism sector and tourism businesses, Turkish cuisine, international cuisines, nutrition principles, food science and technology, food and beverage production.

Job Opportunities

Graduates can become a senior kitchen manager with their diploma and good education, and even start their own business as restaurant, cafe and bar operators. Apart from cooking, they can work as a teacher if they receive management and formation. They usually have the opportunity to work in large restaurants and restaurants with a special customer portfolio, where meetings and meals can be provided, and sometimes they work in places where food products are processed and offered to customers instantly.