About Us



Distance education has an increasingly significant role in the ever-developing and transforming global education system. Providing equal opportunities and eliminating geographical and regional barriers, distance education offers student-centred education. With this awareness, IDU has acquired the right to use the "Digital Learning" software developed by Ege A.Ş., one of the companies of Informatics Valley and approved by the ministry.

IDU aims to change the current educational paradigms in distance education. From artificial intelligence-supported education algorithms to simple message boards, it provides flexible education with advanced technology.

Since IDU is a distance education university, it is a privilege for IDU to have the accreditations of different countries. It is an educational institution recognised and accredited by distance education associations, councils and institutions.

Integrating the Blockchain technology, which provides accessibility from anywhere in the world, into the technological infrastructure of the university, IDU provides its graduates with a "Securediploma" as a chained Blockchain diploma supplement.

IDU, named and awarded as the future university of 2022, is increasing its innovative aspect day by day. IDU aims for the best by implementing the advanced technologies of different countries. IDU uses R&D software from France, distance education software from Turkey, and Mobile Developer software from the United Kingdom.

With IDU, students can benefit from the advantages of digital campus education instead of traditional campus education. For the use of Digital Campus software in the field of Higher Education, it continues to work with academic cooperation within Istanbul Üsküdar University. In addition, it has strengthened its academic staff by signing an academic cooperation protocol with Istanbul Gedik University.