About Us

IDU serves as a distance education university. At IDU, educational content and curriculum are prepared by leading academicians in the field. Distance education has an important place in the constantly developing and changing global environment. Distance education, which eliminates geographical and regional barriers by offering equal opportunities, provides a student-centred learning environment and offers flexibility to students. In line with this awareness, IDU uses the "Digital Learning" software approved by the Ministry. 

IDU aims to change the current educational paradigms in distance education. It offers flexible education opportunities with advanced technology, from artificial intelligence-supported education algorithms to simple message boards.

As a distance education university, it is a privilege for IDU to have accreditations from different countries. It is recognised and accredited by distance education associations, councils and institutions.

By integrating blockchain technology into the university's technological infrastructure, IDU ensures worldwide accessibility. As a result, it provides its graduates with a "Securediploma" in addition to a blockchain diploma registered on the chain.

At IDU, you can enjoy the benefits of digital campus education instead of traditional campus education.