About Us



At IDU, we believe that distance education has a crucial role to play in the ever-evolving world order. Our goal is to provide equal educational opportunities to students and break down geographical and regional barriers by offering student-centred education.

We are proud to have the right to use the Ministry-approved "Digital Learning" software developed by Ege A.Ş., a company under Bilişim Vadisi. Our mission is to revolutionise traditional distance education by implementing advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence-supported education algorithms and simple message boards. This allows us to offer flexible education that caters to the needs of our students.

IDU is accredited by numerous distance education associations, councils, and institutions both locally and internationally. Our status as a recognised distance education university is a testament to our commitment to providing quality education to all students.

We have integrated blockchain technology into our technological infrastructure, making our university accessible from anywhere in the world. This ensures that our graduates receive a "Secure Diploma" as a blockchain-chained diploma supplement. Our innovative approach to education has earned us recognition as the future university of 2022.

IDU aims to provide the best possible education by implementing advanced technologies from different countries. We use R&D software from France, distance education software from Turkey and mobile developer software from the United Kingdom. Also, IDU offers the advantages of digital campus education. We continue collaborating with academic institutions such as Istanbul Üsküdar University and Istanbul Gedik University to strengthen our academic staff and provide quality education to our students.