Message from the Chairman of the Academic Board

Today we live in an ever-changing world that requires an innovative and pragmatic approach to tackling the challenges in our societies. The diversity and complexity of the social flows in society combined with the scientific and technological advances that characterised the 20th century have led humanity into the 21st century. All the knowledge acquired by previous generations was gained through critical questions of previous generations that can be useful for the present and the future. A healthy and conscious relationship between the individual, society and the state is imperative if we are to be able to compete with the mechanised environment in a digital world and if we are to preserve our essence.

The IDU offers you a way to return to the essence of humanity by seeking and reaching historical, philosophical, sociological, artistic and psychological dimensions. IDU provides its students with the necessary perspective for a holistic picture. Moreover, those who complete their studies and our students are provided with the tools to help them participate in an ever-changing world.

At IDU, we offer you, our valued students, an environment that will ensure your academic and professional development, as well as the development of your social and cultural skills. By offering quality higher education to its students, IDU is a centre of attraction in online education with its competent academic staff for our students who want to work in an international environment.