Doctorate of Private Law


Package Included

If you want to find a job with better conditions in Turkey after graduating from a law school in your country, joining the LLM (master of laws) program in the field you want to specialize in will help you achieve your goal. Graduates receive a law master’s degree diploma.

Department Description

The aim of the program is to train qualified lawyers who have high level technical legal knowledge and foreign language proficiency in the field of private law, have developed the ability to analyze legal issues and produce solutions, and have a good command of academic working methods in order to conduct scientific research on a specific legal problem.

With this program, students who can analyze the problems in the field of private law from an analytical point of view and produce solutions, can think abstractly, have the power to analyze private law within the framework of the theories they have learned, can use their knowledge for these purposes, can look critically by closely following the developments in private law in the world and in Turkey are raised. Moreover, this program educates well-equipped scientists and researchers in the field of private law, who can analyze with scientific methods in line with the principles of academic honesty.

Job Opportunities

International Law program will enable students to join the ranks of respected members of business and academic life when they graduate equipped with advanced knowledge in terms of all world law. Graduates of the program will have career opportunities in many areas of the public and private sectors, especially ministries, universities, media and multinational companies. International law graduates work as legal advisers.

Specifications required by the Career:

Have an outstanding level of academic ability,

  • Being able to perceive the details and self-expression in words and writing,
  • Interested in social sciences and successful in this field,
  • Able to influence others, convey their thoughts to others verbally and in writing,
  • Able to communicate well with people
  • Open to innovations, creative, enthusiastic,
  • Can quickly combine the concepts of law and logic,
  • Ability and equipment to follow academic developments in international law.