Doctorate of Forensic Traffic


Package Included

Department Description

In short, Traffic Expertise is the process of determining the responsibilities of the parties in the extent of their effects on the accident, by determining the way the accident occurred, the violations, negligence and faults of the parties in the accident.

If the scientific method cannot reveal how the accident actually happened, the first button would be wrongly fastened. From now on, there will always be mistakes and grievances in judicial, administrative cases and insurance payments.

Forensic Traffic Specialist: Training includes 3 different trainings. By taking this training, you will have received an education that is complementary to each other and you will be involved in three different areas of expertise. Forensic Traffic Specialist training will not only include traffic accident expertise training. In fact, you can think of this training as a package training. By taking Forensic Traffic Expertise Training, Forensic Automotive Specialist Training, Forensic Insurance Specialist Training under the umbrella of Forensic Traffic Specialist, you will have the chance to answer questions that will arise in all cause and effect relationships.

Forensic Traffic Expertise Training: With its work, it is a reference for the competent authorities to make a fair decision in terms of judicial, administrative and insurance law.

In our country, approximately 1 million 250 thousand accidents occur every year (1,229,368 accidents in 2018, 1,168,144 accidents in 2019, TÜİK), that is, an average of 3,424 accidents occur daily.

These accidents that happen every day threaten our safety of life and property, while adding the possibility of thousands of victims in terms of judgment. This situation clearly reveals the need for experts in the field.

In most crashes, deaths and injuries result from improper use of vehicle mechanics and vehicle passenger capacity. In this case, the causes of accidents and the causes of death and injury may be separate. It is of vital importance that this error is eliminated by the judicial units.

Forensic Automotive Expertise Training: Vehicle mechanics and damage traces will be examined separately with their effects on injury and death, and the trainees will be specialized in this field.

It is known that there are abuses within the scope of insurance, although it is not wanted at all. For example, vehicle damage made under the guise of an accident, or payments made with false documents, although there is no real accident.

Forensic Insurance Expertise Training: It will be shown how to examine documents with accident and harmful results in insurance payments, and it will be ensured that the trainee specializes in this field as well.

Participators in this training;

  • By analyzing traffic accidents in all their dimensions, they will have the opportunity to learn how to report them forensic,
  • They will be the focus of attention of insurers and those who have been victimized in the accident.
  • Trainers who have done academic studies and have been involved in education and research activities at home and abroad will be with you in order to have this ability.

Career Opportunities

You will always be at the forefront with the training you will receive from our expert trainers who have done academic studies in their field, made researches in the country and abroad, and worked in the illumination of major accidents that have occurred in our country.

  1. You can work as an expert in courthouses.
  2. You can work in insurance companies.
  3. You can find work in companies that provide traffic accident consultancy.
  4. You can find work in companies that have a fleet of vehicles.
  5. You can issue a Scientific Opinion/Expert Opinion to the parties and lawyers who request it (CMK 67th Art. HMK 293. Art.)
  6. You can provide consultancy by opening your own office.

To reveal the physical form of the accident by analyzing traces and evidence. (Investigation and Reconstruction) It is a required feature from traffic experts in these EU countries. This is an achievement you will gain through training.

In addition, our participants expertise in;

  1. Detection of violations, omissions and faults in the accident,
  2. Revealing the causes of the accident and the causes of death and injury separately,
  3. Finding speeds before and at the time of crash, using accident analysis formulas,
  4. Revealing the situations where the accident can be predicted and prevented,
  5. Revealing the degree of influence of the parties and the degree of fault in the occurrence of the accident,
  6. Analyzing the driver and vehicle information from the tachograph examination,
  7. How and with what methods the vehicles will be examined in terms of forensics,
  8. What kinds of abuses are committed in the field of insurance,
  9. Defining new paradigms in traffic system and safe traffic environment.

They will have the opportunity to have information worth gold in terms of accident analysis and expertise.