Welcome to International Dublin University

Dear students

Allow us to extend a warm welcome to International Dublin University, where your enrolment marks the commencement of your journey into the realm of business. Your time at university is a pivotal moment in your life, where you forge a vision foDreams are made a reality through unwavering faith, relentless determination, and hard work. The key to success lies in maximising your university experience by blending theoretical knowledge with practical experience and continually striving to better yourself. We have faith that you will become one of the successful individuals shaping our era and the world.

International Dublin University is dedicated to employing the most effective entrepreneurial and innovation-oriented methods to prepare you for a successful future. We aim to create a model that is innovative, inclusive, and economically viable through entrepreneurship, making us the University of Society and Industry. The knowledge and skills you acquire at IDU will make you highly sought after in the business world as engineers, managers, economists, informaticians, entrepreneurs, and technical experts.

Together, we will forge the future with a vision of incorporating science into life and creating, producing, and realising our collective potential. However, we cannot stress enough that your willingness, effort, and hard work are indispensable for success. With your dedication, you will become a professional who will make a valuable contribution to our country and the world.

Welcome to the IDU family and to the university of the future.


Advantages of International Dublin University

    Cost-Effective Tuition Fee     Internship and Job Opportunities
    Access to a Wide International Network    All Year-Round Registration Opportunities
    Accredited Diploma     No Time and Space Restrictions
    Social, Pragmatic and Innovation Oriented     24/7 Support