Doctorate of Child Development


Package Included

Department Description

This section is an area where all technical and theoretical information about Child Development and Psychology is given to the student.

Child Developmentalists, who undertake important tasks such as evaluating and supporting the development of children, who form the basis of society, in different fields, guiding families and educators in this regard, making necessary guidance in order to create appropriate education programs and raising awareness of the society, are modern and conscious individuals who are healthy and successful in every aspect. They play an important role in a society.

The increasing and diversification of family and child related problems reveals the importance of Child Development more and more. With this program, it is aimed to train professional staff with higher level of knowledge and skills on supporting child development.

Areas to Work

Graduates have the opportunity to find jobs easily in kindergartens, kindergartens, institutions and organizations related to psychology, in all relevant sectors as a graduate of child development specialization all over the world. However, it is necessary to know the language of the country where he/she is working. The graduate takes the title of "Child Development Specialist" and performs the task of Child Development Specialist in institutions and organizations related to psychology.