Doctorate of Psychological Counseling and Guidance


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Department Description

Guidance and Psychological Counseling Graduate program is a field where all technical and theoretical information about Guidance and Psychological Counseling is given to the student.

With the program, it is aimed to train psychological counselors who aim to solve the adaptation problems of students in educational institutions, regulate the relations between students, their families, teachers and peers, aim to increase the awareness and communication skills of individuals, and provide psychological counseling and guidance services to individuals.

The program tries to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to work with individuals with adjustment problems and developmental difficulties and to protect the psychological well-being of individuals. The program also provides graduates with professional skills related to the development, organization and implementation of psychological counseling and guidance services in different institutions.

The aim of this program is to train psychological counselors who can carry out original and relevant studies using their scientific research skills, and who have the qualities of an individual who has entered the process of self-realization.