Bachelor of International Law


Package Included

The International Law program trains lawyers who follow the national and international developments and innovations, have the competence to offer solutions to the problems that may arise in this field, and have a good command of the techniques and methods of scientific research. They contribute to society, economy, politics and the professional field of law in today's world, where legal problems require multidimensional perspectives based on different legal disciplines and the search for legal solutions to both local and global problems is increasing.

100% Distance Education

Interactive contents, extensive learning materials

Periodically scheduled live courses (Zoom)

By equipping the students with the latest information, it is ensured that they develop their writing, expression and reasoning skills, as well as their analysis and research skills, gain the ability to apply abstract rules to concrete events, and develop solutions to private law problems. Providing practitioners with the opportunity to specialize in a certain area of the program will not only improve their professional qualifications, but also serve for the development of commercial life and the better functioning of law and justice. The program has been created by considering the role of law in practice and working life, and offers different course options to serve this purpose.


Working areas

Professions available to graduates of the Faculty of Law:

Legal consultancy in national and international companies,

Legal consultancy in the private and public sectors,

Bureaucracy in various institutions and organizations,

Duties in many international organizations such as NATO, the Council of Europe, the UN organization, the IMF.


Teaching Method

In our university, 100% distance and open education method is applied. All homework, exams, project work, seminar work, graduation theses, master's and doctoral theses are carried out online in our distance and open education system.

If you want to direct your career, specialize in your field, but can't find the time, you are at the right place!